Welcome to GoluGolu!
We are here to transform your traditional paper style golf score card to e-Score Card.

With GoluGolu Score Card, you can easily share your golf scores, reviews, comment as well as photos with your friend. 

The best of all, you will never need to worry about losing a score card. 

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GoluGolu Score Card is a mobile golf score card application which provides various functions such as Hole By Hole Map Guide, Range Finder,  Score History Analyze, Sharing Photos, Diary and more.

We supports scorecards data for about 3,000 courses(99%) and Hole By Hole GPS data for about 1,500 courses  in Japan. We do supports courses in forign countories such as Korea, Thai, China, U.S  too.

You can find out the (list of supported courses in here).
GoluGolu app is very easy to enter your score as like paper scorecard. Your scorecard data will be synced with SNS. Of courese it's free to use our SNS.

SNS site enable you and your friends to share scorecards, photos, ranking and comments. It also supports your planning on golf competition with mailing list and calender based schedule management function. 

Why don't you join us and start your new golf life style!
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